2020 Seating Upgrade Prices

Upgrade from General Admission seating to any one of the following Reserved seating sections. Prices are per person. 


General Admission Seating


Reserved Seating


Reserved Seating


Reserved Seating



Reserved Seating



Cabaret Seating


Payment Options

We are pleased to offer Monthly Payment Plans for a fee of just $200. All that is required is a minimum down payment per package and the remaining balance will be divided equally over the remaining time with the final installment due by April 1, 2020, depending on your initial payment date.  Additional details can be reviewed in the Terms and Conditions prior to check-out.

Pay in full and save the additional Payment Plan fees ($200).

All guests pay a per person service fee of $85 on top of their package price.

All payments are final. No refunds or cancellations. We strongly urge every customer to purchase travel insurance. As we have learned this year, weather cannot be predicted, nor can family or personal emergencies which may occur prior to  or during your travel dates.

We accept check payments on payment in full orders only. Not available on payment plans. Cut off date for accepting checks is 45 days prior to the event.

We all think that nothing will happen to us – it’s always the other person with the bad luck. But … life doesn’t work that way!

You have made a big investment in your vacation – protect your investment with just a small fee and protect yourself from many occurrences such as flight delays or cancelations.

Please click the link below to get your quote from our trusted affiliate.

Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency